American Ballet Theatre

Are you a ballet dancer? Heard about the American Ballet Theatre? If not yet, then this is now the right time for you to learn what the American Ballet Theatre is all about. Why care? Note that the American Ballet Theatre is recognized throughout the world as the foremost ballet company, so as a ballet dancer or a ballet fan, you should also be aware of its existence.

The American Ballet Theatre was first founded in 1937 as the Mordkin Ballet. It was recognized as a ballet theatre in 1940 under the direction of the famous dancers Richard Pleasant and Lucia Chase, and it was only after 16 years that the theatre was recognized throughout the world by name American Ballet Theatre.

Since its inception, the American Ballet Theater has embraced a somewhat unique repertoire. They have drawn the best ballets in the past and incorporate it with the new works of today’s famous ballet choreographers, but many of their performances are concerned with American themes. So what is included in their repertoire are all of the awesome full length ballets of the nineteenth century, including the Giselle, The Sleeping Beauty, and today’s most popular ballet, Swan Lake; the most notable pieces from the early part of the twentieth century like the Jardin aux Lilas, Rodeo, and Apollo; as well as the most applauded masterpieces of the contemporary choreographers, including the Push Come to Shove and the Duets.

Now, let’s take a look at their performances.

Several reports and reviews have claimed that the since the beginning of the American Ballet Theatre, the performances it presents are all of great quality, or really awesome for that matter. All of their plays were staged at the greatest theatres around the world, and it was this fact that allows the company to create a tradition of innovation, passion and athleticism which eventually are the causes of the company’s fame.

Recognizing the fact that the American Ballet Theatre will soar high with such tradition, the company then continues to do their best not only to attain a great reputation, but to entertain people with their astounding performances. They have set their goals and continue to deliver great performances so to touch the soul of the ballet lovers. And, since they aim to make people aware of their existence and to help people appreciate what this art of dancing may offer, the American Ballet Theatre now offers programs, all designed especially for children.

Today, the American Ballet Theatre is not just a company for ballet. It has transformed dramatically into a collaboration, where passionate and highly dedicated people meet and share what they can do to make the company prosper further than expected. These people also come together in order to make sure that the American Ballet Theatre’s strong commitment to the best in ballet and movements is sustained. As what most artists have said, the American Ballet Theatre family strives harder and harder to make sure that what they have maintained before, especially their vision of delivering unique and live performances throughout the world will be maintained as the company grows old.

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