Satellite Internet Radio – Outer Space Meets Cyberspace

XM Satellite Radio and SIRIUS Satellite Radio have been competing for a larger market share in the industry. With many of the people starting to find the real value of satellite radio despite the free programming of conventional AM/FM stations, the former has indeed the potential to run over the latter.

The appeal of satellite radio comes from the commercial-free programming with lots of genres available for one to choose from. Any type of programming one wishes to hear for that particular moment, surely, satellite radio’s a hundred plus channels will not be found lacking in answering to one’s preference.

Another wonderful thing about this, is that these satellite radios can send audio feeds through the Internet in which a subscriber can access. SIRIUS satellite radio ( and XM Satellite Radio ( have initially offered free satellite internet radio service to their existing satellite radio subscribers.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio now offers an additional Internet-only subscription to your account for a separate username and password together with the high-bandwidth streaming. Or one may opt to add CD-quality audio to the existing free subscription. XM Satellite Radio on the other hand will qualify their existing satellite radio subscribers and if they are eligible, they will receive the XM Radio Online service at no additional cost.

Satellite internet radio offers one the flexibility of being able to listen through one’s computer as well – whether in your house or your office. If this is offered free or at a lower fee on top of the basic satellite radio subscription plan, this would be a plus factor for the company. Definitely, many subscribers will appreciate a satellite internet radio service to complement their existing satellite radio experience.

Whether you are in your car, or you are at home, on your friend’s house, at the office, or wherever – you will still be able to access the satellite radio programs that you love – whether through your receiver unit, or through your personal computer, with the satellite internet radio service activated.

If you like to avail of the satellite internet radio service, just go to your service provider’s website and login to your account. If your case requires additional payment, then you need to pay first prior you are able to listen online.

One’s listening pleasure has indeed been taken to higher levels – and we thought that satellite radio was all that – then this satellite internet radio service had to come in. Commercial free music and your favorite songs and programs are combined for your extreme listening delight. More things, and better things at that, are sure to come. Satellite internet radio has been a nice plus to the basic satellite radio service, and a very welcomed addition at that.

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