2019 AAMC Foundation Webinar: Utilizing Community Advisory Groups

Live Webinar on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

This webinar focuses on the formation, implementation, and utilization of community partners and advisory groups.

From grassroots organizations to large, landmark institutions, museum teams are increasingly engaging with community members to bring history to bear on the narratives told and to bring forward the value of local knowledge. These consultations help develop and shape exhibition themes and checklists, open conversations on collecting practices and directions, and ensure that museum-generated programs accurately and genuinely reflect and engage their communities. From local focus groups to international convenings, the collaborative aspect welcomes perspectives outside the curatorial department.

This webinar explores a diverse range of current approaches, case studies, and lessons learned—from emerging grassroots efforts to established museum outreach. Speakers will address the value in engaging communities, best practices in developing partnerships and advisory groups, and ways to create meaningful and ongoing valued relationships.

Meet the Speakers

René Paul Barilleaux, Head of Curatorial Affairs, McNay Art Museum
René Paul Barilleaux joined the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas in 2005 and has greatly expanded the museum’s postwar and contemporary collections, developed new collecting areas, and organized award-winning exhibitions and publications, most recently, Transamerica/n: Gender, Identity, Appearance Today. Barilleaux received a BFA from The University of Southwestern Louisiana and an MFA from Pratt Institute. He was a 2015 Fellow at the Center for Curatorial Leadership and a 2016 Mentor for AAMC’s Mentorship Program. In addition, Barilleaux has numerous appointments to museum, arts, and cultural agencies and organizations, including AAM, AAMC, and the San Antonio Arts Commission.

Adrian Locke, Senior Curator, Royal Academy of Arts
Adrian joined the Royal Academy of Arts in 2001 after having completed a PhD at the University of Essex. He has since worked on a wide variety of exhibitions alongside a number of guest curators and artists to curate such projects as Kuniyoshi; Anish Kapoor; and Ai Weiwei, amongst others. He most recently co-curated Oceania, which opened in September 2018. Adrian has also worked closely with the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Tesoros: The Arts in Latin America, 1492–1820 and the Sala Brasil in London on The Art of Diplomacy: Brazilian Modernism Painted for War. In 2018, he was awarded the Ordem do Rio Branco for services to Brazilian culture.

Regan Pro, Kayla Skinner Deputy Director of Education & Public Engagement, Seattle Art Museum
In her current role at the Seattle Art Museum, Regan Pro develops creative learning opportunities focused on equity, relevancy and curiosity. Connecting her work experience with critical theory, Regan also currently teaches in the Graduate Museology Program at the University of Washington. She joined the Education team at SAM in December 2009 as a Museum Educator and then Manager of School & Educator Programs, working to develop access programs for K-12 students, teachers and families. Prior to SAM, Regan worked at the Frye Art Museum and the Addison Gallery of American Art. She also held positions at several arts education organizations including Path with Art, Project Zero and the National Arts Learning Collaborative. Born in New York and raised in Seattle, Regan graduated with her bachelors in Art History from Wesleyan University and her masters in Arts Education from Harvard University.

Ben Tremillo, Executive Director, San Anto Cultural Arts
Ben Tremillo is the Executive Director at San Anto Cultural Arts, a San Antonio, TX nonprofit organization in the heart of the Westside with the mission “to foster human and community development through community-based arts.” He has over 30 years of experience as a working artist and over 6 years of experience in arts nonprofit administration. Ben is a San Antonio native.

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