A Kinetic Art Collection by UK Award Winning Artist Ivan Black | PART 1

Ivan Black’s mesmerizing kinetic sculptures collection.
IVAN BLACK, born in 1972 in London, is an award winning British sculptor. He began making sculptures at an early age, motion quickly becoming central to his work, adding another dimension of complexity and interest to his experiments.Ivan Black’s work uses a series of unique mechanisms to create moving sculptures. Energy is channelled into Black’s works through anything from the interaction of the viewer to the natural power of blowing wind and the targeted use of principles of gravity. When the intended form of energy interacts with the sculpture, it plays out a chain reaction creating shifting patterns of motion from random to highly organised movements.
His Square Wave sculpture is now part of the MoMA Museum in NY and Tokyo, as well as the MOCA in Los Angeles. His recent work includes two massive sculptures for Adobe Inc’s headquarters (yet to be unveiled) in the USA, as well as the newly opened Nobu Hotel in London.

Ivan Black’s amazing work can be admired at:
website: http://www.ivanblack.com

Square Wave can be purchased at:

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