Ahead of the Game Podcast Episode 10: The Art of Email Marketing | Digital Marketing Institute

“Email is one of those channels where there are so many nuances. You could get pretty deep in the weeds. There is an art and a science to it, and people are often so busy in the trenches, that they don’t have time to come up for air, figure out what they should be doing, how they can do it better, and really put some true strategy to this channel. ”

Experienced email marketing consultant Karen Talavera covers all the bases of this tried-and-tested technique which is going through a resurgence in 2020. In chatting with Will Francis, she explains how to evaluate email ROI, the best programs to help you, how to make a plan, common mistakes, and her predictions for how email will evolve.

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Introduction 00:00
What do you do in email marketing? 1:10
Are you seeing the importance of email marketing grow? 3:23
Do you think email is a more ethical and honest channel? 6:55
Has the frustration of the social algorithm led to more of a push for email marketing? 10:47
What brands have good email campaigns? 12:54
What role do you think email has played a role in the boom of e-commerce? 18:45
What is the biggest driver for ROI? 23:39
Should I focus on capturing non-customer email addresses? 27:18
What would be your top tips for email marketing? 30:26
Do you use platforms like Zapier? 33:55
What would be your top tips be on a more micro level? 37:27
What do you think are the most common mistakes in email marketing? 40:18
What do you think the next few years look like for email marketing? 45:39
How has #COVID19 affected brands? 49:23
Wrap up 52:11

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