ArtSpeaks // Episode 2: Sustainable Art: Turning Everyday Trash into Creative Treasures

In this episode, meet the artists who take Leave No Trace to the next level by transforming discarded materials into beautiful works of art. Burning Man Project is prioritizing environmental sustainability and we’re excited to explore together how it can be expressed through art.

ArtSpeaks is going overseas and into the mind of contemporary Filipino artist Leeroy New. Leeroy is new to building art in Black Rock City, but has been creating large-scale public sculptures and outlandish fashion design for over a decade. Much of his work is immersive and made of found objects and recycled materials. Come learn about his fantastical project Mebuyan, a climbable colony of interconnected bubbles and “creative imagination of a multiverse,” which will be coming to our next Black Rock City.

Next we’ll get to hear from Emily Nicolosi, a climate scientist from Salt Lake City who’s exploring sustainability through creative expression. She and her crew The Pink Spot are working on The Prism of Possibilities, a series of structures that each represent a different potential climate change scenario of the future. Made out of upcycled materials, the project will encourage participants to reflect on our culture of consumption, and together re-imagine a future that could be even better than the present.

We’ll also be speaking with Thomas Dambo, a Danish recycled-art activist who’s created dozens of larger-than-life trolls (yes, trolls!) that can be found throughout the world. These whimsical site-specific creatures are created from reclaimed materials. By building these magical trolls, he hopes to “inspire others to play with the leftovers of the world, see the possibilities and have fun.” Get ready to see a giant troll made out of recycled pallet wood and other found objects next time we’re in Black Rock City!

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