ArtVentures Online: How to Draw a House with Aaron Bagley

Gather your drawing materials and join Aaron Bagley and his son Baxter for a special #ArtVenturesOnline edition of Drawn and Quarantined, a web series the pair developed during COVID-19.

Aaron Bagley received a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts. Although trained as a fine artist, he has always been at heart a drawer; most of his work comes out of his sketchbook – comics, freelance work, last night’s dream, weirdos he sees on the bus. His illustrations and comics have been featured in The Stranger, The Seattle Review of Books, Drawn to Color (Sasquatch Books 2017), and Rocking Fatherhood (DeCapo Press 2016). The children’s book Vincent Comes Home, a collaboration with his spouse Jessixa Bagley, was published by Roaring Brook Press in 2018.

ArtVentures Online, an extension of the Henry’s onsite family program, celebrates the imagination and community resiliency during this period of isolation and shelter-in-place. Join local artists in creative and reflective activities that take inspiration from everyday materials.

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