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Best Bank Accounts for Side Hustles:


➤ SoFi Complete Money Management
1) 💸 SoFi – Banking App – Get $50 When You Open a SoFi Invest Account

Get $50 When You Open a SoFi Money Account


2)💳 POINT – Get $100 for FREE when you make your first purchase!


➤ Wealthfront Automated Investing
3) 📊 Get Your First $5,000 of Investments Managed for FREE


➤ Yotta Savings
4) 💵 Yotta – Use code MAGNIFIED to Get 100 FREE Tickets


➤ Chime Bank
5) 💰 Chime – Banking App – Get $50 When You Open an Account:


6) 📈 Robinhood – Investing App – Earn 1 Free Stock when you open an account.


7) 📸🎤💡Camera, Microphone, and Lighting Kit
My Camera:
My Microphone:
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In no particular order that brings us to number five on our list which is Blue Vine. Now Blue Vine is specifically focused on small businesses and that means they understand that as a small business the last thing you want to be doing is giving your precious income away in banking fees. So they have no monthly fees, no wire fees, NFS fees, and even free to use ATM’s. And on top of all of that, they’re going to pay you an astonishing 1% interest rate on your checking account as long as you keep a balance above $1000 which if you’re taking the time to set up a separate account for your side hustle or small business then I’m assuming you will meet this threshold. They also have a fantastic and pretty easy to use mobile banking app.

Alright so coming in a four on our list would be radius bank. Perhaps the biggest selling point with this account for those of you with a side hustle or small business is unlimited penalty-free transactions. You’ll also be able to earn unlimited 1% cash back on all your debit card purchases which rivals some of the best personal checking accounts plus 1.5% cash back currently in specific categories such as health food entertainment and a few others as well. This account does only pay a 0.1% interest rate which is not that great but if your side hustle involves a high volume of cash flow then this might actually be an advantage since you have those unlimited free transactions and you’re going to earn that 1% cash back when you’re purchasing anything with the debit card.

Next up is going to be number three on our list which is another popular online option and that is Azlo bank. You’re also going to have some great professional features including free ACH transfers, automatic electronic payments, free wire transfers, and perhaps the biggest selling feature of Azlo bank is their customizable invoices. Once you sign up for this account you’re able to create your own customized professional invoice that you can immediately start sending out to customers that will again give you that professional look and edge up on your competition.

Number two on our list is the Chase business checking account. With Chase, you’re going to have access to their massive network of financial resources and nearly 5,000 branch locations and still be able to use their highly-rated mobile platform which is really well designed if you ask me. You’re also going to have unlimited electronic deposits, 100 free transactions each month and access to their network of 16,000 ATMs for absolutely free. But perhaps the biggest advantage and the reason I’m including it on this list is their $300 cash bonus when you open this account. So if you’re ready to hit the ground running then you can set this up in a matter of minutes and earned $300.00 for free.

So that brings us to number one on our list and that would be Novo Bank. With Novo you’re going to pay absolutely no fees and get access to some amazing tools for your business like Google cloud, Zendesk, Hubspot, Stripe Payments, and even various Salesforce tools. You can apply through their intuitive mobile platform in a matter of minutes and once you’re approved you’ll have access to all of these amazing features including the ability to deposit checks, pay any bills, transfer funds, and have access to all of those amazing business tools that we talked about earlier.

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