Black History Month – Honouring the Role of the Black Entrepreneurs

Honouring the Role of the Black Entrepreneur and their vital contribution to addressing the generational wealth gap for Black families.

Alterna Savings is honoured to host an afternoon conversation with five incredible community leaders on the topics of generational wealth, entrepreneurship, BIPOC communities and how we can work together to continue to improve economic equality and representation.

Research has shown us that entrepreneurs are vital to a healthy economy. Entrepreneurs address unmet needs and try to fill them with new goods or services. They drive economic growth and movement in communities, and in difficult economic times, entrepreneurs help by creating jobs and finding unique and creative ways to provide society with the goods and services they desire.
We know that there is a significant wage gap for Black families and that access to assets and legacy creation is challenging.

In our session, Honouring the Role of the Black Entrepreneur, you are invited to explore with us
• The role of Black entrepreneurs in addressing the generational wealth gap and asset building in Black families.
• What legacy and resilience look like.
• How can financial literacy and education support entrepreneurship and building equity and generational wealth.
• How we can support more Black families through the financial system and what products and tools should be available to meet the community’s needs and build their wealth.
• Entrepreneurship and unleashing community wealth through entrepreneurship for Black Canadians, employee ownership, innovative solutions in Black ownership.
• How Black entrepreneurs have supported asset building for Black families.

Key Topics:
1. There are gaps in generational wealth for Black Canadians – hear shared insights on the significance of missing generational wealth and its role in the oppression of communities.
2. The role of Entrepreneurship in addressing the generational wealth gap for Black families – lived experience as an entrepreneur.
3. The importance of Entrepreneurship in building generational wealth, programs, and financial literacy.

Speakers: Melloney Campbell, Ryan Knight, Ushnish Sengupta, Deion Francis.
Moderator: Susan Henry, Manager Community Investment, Alterna Savings.

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