Black Men Don’t Care About Their Health!

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0:00 – Welcome
4:04 – What are the highest priorities of black men today?
7:59 – What to do if you’re overweight and depressed
9:10 – Have you ever trusted the health system?
12:28 – Has slavery played a role in black people’s trust in the health care system?
15:05 – Tuskegee Experiment
16:38 – Did your high school health class prepare y’all to put your health a priority?
19:38 – Do black men care more about their mental or physical health?
23:41 – Have you ever experienced depression?
31:25 – How have your experiences been at the doctor’s office?
33:51 – Barbershop’s Impact on Black Men
37:26 – Why are black men more willing to vent to the “homies” instead of their significant others?
42:24 – How do y’all prioritize your physical health?
46:22 – Why do you prioritize your health?
48:36 – Thederick’s Story
52:20 – Important Screenings (Age 20-39)
53:27 – Important Screenings (Age 40-49)
54:21 – Important Screenings (Age 50+)
55:04 – Is increasing the number of black doctors solve black men’s health problems?

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