Blacks in Business – Exploring pathways to economic opportunity for African Americans

As part of Black History Month, the Douglass Leadership Institute is excited to host our
“Blacks in Business” panel to highlight the importance of entrepreneurship and
economic opportunity in the Black community. Join us as we discuss the key role of
Black businesses in America, the value of free-market principles in achieving Black
progress and the creative ways current and aspiring Black business owners can grow
their enterprises.

Our panel for this event is a group of accomplished Black business professionals who
have also served in a wide variety of leadership roles at the community and national
– Nicole Cober Johnson, Esq. is an executive coach and business strategist who
specializes in developing management, legal, and branding strategies for leaders
in the business world. She currently serves as the Principal Managing Partner at
Cober Johnson and Romney and is a member at the National Women’s Business
Council, among other prestigious roles.
– Bruce LeVell, is a business founder and owner and brings decades of
experience of starting and growing businesses. He was appointed by the
President in 2018 to be an advocate at the US SBA on behalf of small
businesses across eight different states and continues to serve in that role.
– David Byrd, is a business owner and former national director of the Minority
Business Development Agency. He has spent many years in public service in
addition to running his successful consulting firm.

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