BobBlast 286 – “Paint Your Canvas Bags.”

BobBlast #286
“Paint Your Canvas Bags”
Welcome back to another BobBlast!
Too many canvas bags? Paint on them. It’s that time of year when I realize I’ve accumulated too many canvas bags, picked up throughout the year. Some bags (or aprons) are from Art Stores or Art Suppliers… so their bags have their name and a BIG LOGO displayed prominently. 

I like these bags to carry those odd-ball items such as paper towels, big brushes, your water bucket etc. Twenty-some years ago I started painting these canvas bags – for ownership, to tell which bag was mine and just because it was sop cool!

Canvas bags are… well, canvas! So I claimed a new surface, got out the gesso and chose very good art materials. These bags have been loyal workshop soldiers – use, washed in the washing machine and used again.

Watch my how-to demo! Here is the step-by-step:

1) Slip a hard surface (like a canvas panel or a piece of cardboard) inside the bag so you have a hard surface to work on
2) Tape off the painting surface area on the bag or apron – this is to create a clean edge.
3) Apply the gesso to cover up the company logo – I use two coats for maximum coverage
4) After the gesso has dried thoroughly, paint! I use very good paint for longevity. I use Holbein Artist Acrylic Paint. Other professional grade painting with work too.
5) When your painting is dried – sign your name!
6) Finally, brush on a clear acrylic varnish.

Imagine, walking around with your own painted canvas bags! They make great gifts too!

Be ready to talk about your art!

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