Chanel Womack Interviews Author Carlos Hardy| Writing Motivation| Writing A Book| Publisher Part 2

Chanel Womack Interviews Author Carlos Hardy| Writing Motivation| Authortube| Publisher| How To Write A Book| How To Write A Book

Chanel Womack of Team Tiggio had the pleasure in interviewing a talented author Carlos Hardy. Carlos has written a total of five books: Volonians: Mysteries of the Vondercrat, Volonians: the Awakenings of the Au Vyndure, Bilan and the Path to Red Stones, The B Gene, and Why Boys Are Afraid of the Dark.

Carlos also has his own YouTube channel titled What’s the Back Story. So we wanted to interview Carlos Hardy so we can let him tell you his own backstory.

In our interview asked Carlos to share some advice how to write a book. In the comments below, we ask that you tell us about some of your writing advice.

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