Conversations with Curators: American Art at SAM—Hidden Histories & New Perspectives

Discover American art at SAM: Hidden Histories & New Perspectives as Theresa Papanikolas, SAM’s Ann M. Barwick Curator of American Art, questions how and what gets exhibited as American art while considering America’s complex history of racism. This talk is part of SAM’s annual member-only Conversations with Curators series that is taking place online during SAM’s closure.

Taking Raphaelle Peale’s Still Life with Ostrich Egg Cup (1814), John Singleton Copley’s Dr. Sylvester Gardiner (ca. 1872), and Kehinde Wiley’s Saint Anthony of Padua (2013) as case studies, Dr. Theresa Papanikolas will explore some of the stories and narratives embedded in American art, and consider the relevance of history in the current moment. Join Dr. Papanikolas as she draws on three iconic works in the permanent collection to imagine a new presentation of American art at SAM.

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