Dr. Boyce Watkins on Why African Americans Avoid Stock Market

http://www.vladtv.com – Dr. Boyce Watkins weighed in on the perceived fear of investing in stocks held by many African Americans during a recent chat with VladTV.

The famed social commentator believes slavery is responsible for why many African Americans don’t mess with the stock market. “Slavery kind of beat out a lot of our ambition and desire to try new things,” he explained. “Remember, on the plantation, if you went too far out of your comfort zone, that could get you killed.”

As the topic changed to the importance of ownership, Dr. Watkins explained his quote, “Own the land on which you stand.” “Own something. Either own something or somebody’s gonna own you,” he clarified.

Check out the clip to learn more, including Dr. Watkins’ opinion of DJ Vlad’s belief that owning a house is “one of the biggest scams ever created.”

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