Eric Rhoads’ Interview: powerhouse of ideas on art marketing, art collecting & realist art education

Before conducting this interview I haven’t realized how important this man is to the realist painting movement in the US and beyond. Eric Rhoads is a pioneer in art publishing & art education industries producing Fine Art Connoisseur & PleinAir magazines, conventions, instructional videos, and retreats for a wide pool of artists who are eager to learn academic painting techniques.
Mr.Rhoads is a powerhouse of ideas and ventures being an artist himself. In candid stories you’ll learn about the business of art, joys of realist painting, art collecting, art education, and how it all has come together for a guy who simply wanted to learn classical oil painting techniques himself!

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Veronica Winters, MFA, is a contemporary Russian-American artist, art instructor and book author who illuminates the beauty and power of the feminine spirit through her figurative paintings. Winters creates vivid portraits of women, transforming her private, inner world into complex visual stories. Symbolic and influenced by classical artistic traditions, Winters’ work serves as a tool—for herself and her viewers alike—to experience the healing potential of painting.
The artist is nationally recognized for her colored pencil drawing with the publication of the art instruction books titled The Colored Pencil Manual and How to Color Like an Artist by Dover Publications, NY. Veronica’s art and writing has been published in numerous magazines and art books, including Strokes of Genius, Leisure Painter, Colored Pencil Magazine, the Guide Artists, the American Art Collector and the International Artist Magazine. Veronica creates art in her studio located in Naples, Florida.
My goal with this project is to educate general public about the ins and outs of contemporary art. I want to support the real talent to eliminate trashy “art” from public spaces that we often see in contemporary art museums and galleries. This video podcast features talented contemporary artists and art enthusiasts alike.
Watch, like and share! Let’s find new audiences for contemporary artists.
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