Etienne Cakpo – Live @ Kijiji Night 2020 at Seattle Art Museum

One Vibe Africa and Seattle Art Museum presented Kijiji Night at Seattle Art Museum. Kijiji Night 2020 was funded in part by a Neighborhood Matching Fund award from Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. Kijiji means village in Swahili. The fifth annual Kijiji Night was on Thursday, February 6th from 6-9pm. The evening brought the spirit of an African village to SAM.

The evening featured special musical performance by Etienne Cakpo.

Originally from Benin, Etienne is the Artistic Director and lead choreographer/dancer of Gansango Music and Dance. Etienne has been building his repertoire of traditional and modern dance for over thirty years. As director of Gansango Music & Dance, Etienne leads the company’s work with dozens of public libraries, schools and independent arts agencies locally and nationally to make performance of dance and music from Africa available to a wide range of audiences, including young children.

One Vibe Africa serves the local African communities by architecting innovative events and content which showcase African culture, empower African leaders and artists, and instigate cross-cultural exchange between Seattle and Africa. Highlights include Kijiji Night at Seattle Art Museum and Madaraka Festival at Kisumu Beach Resort in Kenya. We have produced these events annually since 2008 reaching nearly 25,000 attendees and receiving over 12 million digital impressions.

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