Exclusion by Design: From Redlining to Gentrification

One of the best ways for families to pass down wealth is through home equity. However, home ownership has been unattainable for many African Americans. Historical discriminatory lending regulations have led to systemically-ingrained segregation through the zoning practice of “redlining.” Chuck Byrd (Founder, Greensboro Chamber of Commerce Other Voices), Sue Schwartz (Greensboro Planning Department), Stephen Sills (UNCG Center for Housing and Community Studies) and Wilson Lester (Piedmont Business Capital) examine systemic barriers to home ownership and generational wealth in this conversation moderated by Stan Wilson (Greensboro Neighborhood Development). This program was developed in partnership with Greensboro Public Library and Greensboro History Museum and recorded live on February 22.

This program is offered as part of the City of Greensboro’s 2021 Juneteenth Celebration. All day long, the City will celebrate African American culture and history through a series of events streamed on the City’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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