FIVE reasons my art went from bad to good…

I have been a professional artist for a while now, but my art hasn’t always been so pretty. There have been many learning lessons and growing moments in my artistic journey, and I want to share with you five major turning points. Five reasons my art went from bad to good…

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MUSIC: paid for and licenses acquired from Artlist.

00:00 – Brief history of me becoming an artist (something magical happened!)
00:30 – Me and John were just mid-west babies.
01:34 – My early watercolor wasn’t all that pretty (pics to prove)
02:51 – Early art career pics – the wedding industry grind…
03:38 – Let me give you FIVE growing moments, starting with…
05:13 – SECOND growing moment for becoming a better artist was…
07:04 – Shout out to my MOM! (You’re gonna want to see these pictures, lol)
07:35 – Mom’s mantra.
07:52 – My mantra.
08:18 – THIRD growth moment (or mindset) that helped me get better…
10:52 – Fourth growth moment REALLY took my art up a notch.
12:04 – Shots from Bearded Iris tutorial
14:06 – FIFTH practical growth moment that really elevated my art skills.
14:44 – An important lesson from my piano teacher…
17:58 – Now YOUR turn to share!

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