Former Phoenix Museum Director Jim Ballinger, Epi. 100, Host Dr. Mark Sublette

Jim Ballinger an important figure in the Arizona art world and my 100th podcast guest provided one of my more fascinating interviews. Jim Ballinger is the former director of the Phoenix Art Museum for 40 years, a curator for 7 years, and the director for 33. Working for the Phoenix Art Museum was his first job and turns out his last, spending an entire career taking the museum from a small regional entity to a major institution in American Art. Jim’s early life, including being a tennis athlete to becoming one of the youngest museum directors at the age of 31. Jim shares a story of ending up on the front page of the Kansas City Star newspaper and not for what you might think. The interview ends with some fascinating information (and historical footage) about a subject Jim has a deep fascination, the art o the Hoover (Boulder) Dam a project he is working on for a major book on the subject.
Hope you enjoy our anniversary interview number one hundred with Jim Ballinger
*Due to technical issues, footage of our host Mark Sublette has been substituted with a still image for the majority of the interview*

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