Getting it Written: University of Illinois Press Publishing Symposium Panel

This panel aired on November 12 as part of the Fall University of Illinois Press Publishing Symposium.

Word by word, a blank page becomes a manuscript, a dissertation becomes a book. How does this transformation occur? How do authors find and create time, inspiration, support, and motivation to write? This practical panel will share strategies from experienced authors in the humanities and social sciences, including advice on overcoming the particular challenges of research and writing in a pandemic.

Laurie Matheson, UI Press director
Joanna Groden is a human geneticist internationally recognized for her research in identifying and characterizing two key genes that cause colon cancer. As UIC Vice Chancellor for Research, she has oversight for all research in the sixteen Colleges of the University of Illinois Chicago, including all operations, finances, and compliance functions required for infrastructure related to research administration.

Tarini Bedi is an associate professor of anthropology, UIC, and author of “The Dashing Ladies of Shiv Sena: Political Matronage in Urbanizing India”(SUNY Press, 2016) and “(Auto)Biographies and (Auto)Mobilities: Roads, Labor, and Kinship in Mumbai’s Taxi Trade” (University of Washington Press, forthcoming).

Lynn Hudson is an associate professor of history and affiliated faculty in the Department of Black Studies at UIC. She is the author of “The Making of ‘Mammy Pleasant’: A Black Entrepreneur in Nineteenth-Century San Francisco” (University of Illinois Press, 2003) and “West of Jim Crow: The Fight against California’s Color Line” (University of Illinois Press, 2020).

Ronak K. Kapadia is director of graduate studies and associate professor of gender and women’s studies, UIC, and author of “Insurgent Aesthetics: Security and the Queer Life of the Forever War” (Duke University Press, 2019). He is at work on a new book project tentatively titled “Breathing in the Brown Queer Commons: Migrant Futurisms of Survival, Healing, and Justice.”

Chair: Mark Canuel is a professor of English and director of the Institute for the Humanities, and the author of three monographs, most recently “Justice, Dissent, and the Sublime” (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012).

Learn more about the University of Illinois Press Publishing Symposium, find links to additional resources and the chat for this event here:

UIC Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
UIC Institute for the Humanities
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

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