Grimes Auctions Artwork using Digital Collectables called NFTs

Singer Grimes has just made seven and a half million dollars auctioning off her latest art. Except none of it exists physically! Every single piece is a digital artwork. before you get your wallet out, you don’t actually get to hang them on the wall! NFTs are digital collectibles and they use some of the same technology as cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. It stands for non-fungible token which basically means that the digital data stored inside each NFT is completely unique and unlike anything else in existence. That’s why some of them can sell for so much money. The market’s been booming in popularity during the pandemic with some big names like billionaire Mark Cuban jumping on the trend, buying up artworks and other NFTs like trading cards. Grimes’ collection is made up of animated videos and pictures paired with her music and millions of dollars’ worth of it has already sold at auction.

The Queen has made her first ever video call to Australia! She had a chat South Australia’s governor and Premier, Steven Marshall, about how the state’s handling COVID-19. Oh, and she helped unveil a brand new statue of herself at government house and had a bit of a laugh about it!

We’re staying in England now where the city of Exeter has got a real shake up. Yes, we mean that literally! Luckily, it was a controlled explosion and it came from an old World War Two German Bomb. The one thousand kilogram bomb was discovered a few days ago on a block of land set for development. Thousands of people living nearby were evacuated and bomb disposal experts were brought in to do their thing. The bomb left behind a crater so big It could apparently fit three double decker buses!

Superheroes are known for keeping our streets safe! But who cares who’s keeping our sewage water safe? Enter, superbugs! The unique microorganisms are called Anammox bugs and they feed on nutrients in sewage water helping clean it. When these guys eat, it’s impressive because they’re removing pollutants. Normally large amounts of chemicals and energy have to be used to do the same thing. The Anammox bugs are an Australian first; they had to be grown from scratch in temperature controlled tanks on tiny plastic disks. It took the team in Brisbane five years to grow the amount they needed for the plant. That’s their one weakness – they grow really slowly! – but the good news is the team reckons there will be enough to share with the rest of the country soon!

Superstar actor, Tom Cruise has Tik Tok… or does he? Videos of the star playing golf, falling over and doing a magic trick have been getting millions of views on the app, but it turns out they’re just some really good deepfakes! Someone has used software to put Tom Cruise’s face onto someone’s else’s body. Tricky!

Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic is a star on the court, But it’s his trading card that’s the real star right now! The rare collector’s item just sold for a record $5.9 million, making it the most expensive NBA card in history! Wow!

This is the REAL star of the show; a real shooting star! The meteor was spotted by hundreds of people across the UK. Well, spotted by their doorbell cameras at least. Good job doorbell cameras.


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