History of Art Glass | The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation

In this segment of The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation, Mo Rocca meets with curator of decorative arts Charles Sable to talk about the history of Art Glass in America.

Dating from the late 19th century through the early 20th century, art glass was primarily decorative glass. Makers of art glass employed newly-developed technologies for producing vibrant colors and surface textures. This was most famously seen in the iridescent surfaces of Louis Comfort Tiffany and his contemporaries, although art glass took many shapes and forms.

The Davidson-Gerson Gallery of Glass in Greenfield Village contains many extraordinary pieces of art glass, as well as many other pieces from different eras spanning 300 years of American glass making.

Learn more about the Davidson-Gerson Gallery of Glass in Greenfield Village: https://youtu.be/ytNEqS0Vt1k

See a conservator restore a once-broken Steuben glass lampshade: https://youtu.be/lhlRThDSVYY

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