How FOX News is spinning Seattle “CHAZ” 6/14: Jaiden Grayson, Paige Roopchan Confront FOX Journalist

Curious to compare Ami Horowitz FOX News spin on the Capitol Hill Occupy Protest, formerly known as “CHAZ” versus what really happened in the interview? Watch this uncut version of the video, and campare with what Fox published here:

Isn’t it amazing how mainstream news runs it’s own narrative on stories, and cherry-picks pieces of interviews to reinforce their narrative? This protest is made up with MANY perspectives, just as the world is. I encourage everyone to breathe deep and reach toward compassion in commenting.

This powerful uncut discussion on the streets of Seattle CHOP illustrates so many perspectives in the discussions happening around America around what some back leadership’s expectations ar for the outcome of the Black Lives Matter movmeent, and also for the space known as CHOP (formerly known as “The CHAZ”) in Seattle, the site where weeks of Black Lives Matter protests have taken place. This conversation also addresses many sides of systemic racism, statistics, and bias in news. Notice where the divides are between perspectives, it’s important to educate yourself so we can all find a path toward unity. Jaiden and Paige give powerful insight into the insult it is when the tragedies and needs of the black community continue to go ignored, or sidestepped with the “All Lives Matter” response to Black Lives Matter. The journalist means well, and I love his grasp on data and statistics – but also see where he is ignorant at the experiential level, as to what back and indigenous people truly go through in their lives. Statistics are also created, most often, by the agencies where systemic racism can be present.The journalist here also raises very worthwhile questions, and does a huge service in sparking the conversation here – while I do not agree with all of his views, I agree also with many of them. There is a class warfare issue AND a racism issue – AND right now, we have to honor the suffering and struggle of the black community, take action so changes are made, and ALSO solve classism issues in America. These issues, in my subjective view, are all interconnected. Please listen to all views around you, but discern from your heart, and I hope this video helps with growth and open your mind.The CHOP in Seattle is a precious space, becuase conversations like this are taking place everywhere, all day long. People of different perspectives are talking about REAL issues. Americans need to find places to do more of this in person – Youtube is no substitute.

Unfortunately, this video will may predominantly receive hate speech in the comments. It’s easier for people to dehumanize from their couch, behind a screen, than when they really face someone. We need to keep CHOP alive, so that these real conversations can take place, so that we can heal together and find solutions together.If you’ve read Trump’s recent tweets, he made this space sound like a dangerous terrorist takeover – NO 🌈⚡️⚛️ – what is happening here is the True path to making America Just and Fair and Democratic And Accountable Again.Some are upset that it seems like the CHAZ has turned the BlackLivesMatter movement into an anarchist party zone with no substance and honor to its root in Black and Indigenous civil rights work – I’m here to tell you that this could not be further from the truth.To *See* what the “CHAZ” is really about – it’s the beautiful discussions happening here. PLEASE see this organic, beautiful *community conversation*: system redesign, organic discussion: intention is to discover and lift up existing BIPOC-supportive projects here through film, and share with others the learning journey so you can educate yourself too.

***I want to acknowledge that, while I have for a mlong time been committed to stand up for civil rights/social justice on a broad front in my day to day life, I am diving deeper in the education of Who is doing What here in Seattle – BIPOC organizations and leaders. So I have a lot to learn, and can only imagine how many blind spots I have, and apologize in advance if I’ve triggered you by going a bit bold on my media efforts if the past week +. Please share input if you have that, I’m open to learning here, and following the guidance of black leaders here who really encouraged me to get these videos out, and “do my thing” from a respectful place. This, they warned, will not be the advice of “all” black leaders, as this is a movement made up of individuals with many opinions on non-POC participation.Deep Love to You All, out there

Brother Lionijah(Darrick Lionijah Morrison on facebook, find tons of livestreams from CHAZ on my profile

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