How To Write That Book In Your Head with Author/Publisher Kimberly Cousins

In this interview with Author Ghostwriter/Publisher, Kimberly Cousins, gives the 1,2,3’s to anyone who is SERIOUS about writing a book. With 20 years of experience as a Ghostwriter, she explains exactly what that service actually is and how it can help you finally get that Book out of your head and on paper.

She provides listeners with helpful tips that take the angst out of writing and overcome the hindrances to writing your book

Kimberly also owns Publishing Company; Write Touch Publications. She is available assist with the following services:

you in writing your book, but can also publish it as well:
– [ ] Writing
– [ ] One on One for-hire consultation
– [ ] Publishing

Test your writing skills out with Kimberly’s FREE tutorial session at the link below👇🏾

For more information from Kimberly Cousins and Write Touch Publishing, you can go to her website;

And follow her on
Instagram: @writetouchpub
Facebook: Write Touch Publications

Books mentioned in the interview:

Kimberly Cousins
No, You’Re Not Crazy!: Get up and Get Your Happy Back

Paula Marie
“God Doesn’t Want You To Be Broke” ~ My #1 Amazon Best Seller Book

To be a guest on the Podcast, email Paula Marie at


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