I Became Instagram Famous in ONE Week // (how to use instagram reels to gain followers)

(I had to turn off comments cuz there were too many bots, spam, and the same questions)

✰ how do I find GAIN GROUPS?
step 1. search “gain groups” in the instagram search bar
step 2. click on any account that pops up
step 3. if their bio says “DM for gain groups” or something similar, DM them to join

✰ what HASHTAGS should I use?
there are NO specific hashtags bc everyone’s post is different so you have to find hashtags that relate to your post. if you’re a smaller account, find hashtags that have been used 20k-100k times (on ig it shows how many times the hashtag has been used)

✰ how did u get 100 followers and 200 likes in one day?
1. followers: I spent the ENTIRE day doing “follow for follow” so I could get results for this video lol. most ppl who say it didn’t work for them only tried it a few times.
2. likes: my first post did NOT get 200 likes on the first day. keep in mind I filmed the video a week later so ppl still liked my post AFTER the first day. however, the follower count I showed in my video is exactly what I got for each day.

✰ why am I not growing?
as I said in my video, I’m just sharing what worked for me. it might not work for everybody.

pls DO NOT message me about your instagram! all the info I can give you is in this video and in the description. I don’t have time to look through your ig and give you personal tips and it’s not my job to either. I made this video for fun! PLEASE STOP asking me about ur account, thank you :,)
s o c i a l s
✰ insta: https://www.instagram.com/ruluu/

e q u i p t m e n t
✰ camera: canon eos 80d
✰ lens: sigma 35mm f1.4 for canon
✰ editing: final cut pro x

For business inquiries and collabs:
✰ ruluucontact@gmail.com

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