Is Gangs of Wasseypur India’s Most Important Film? | Decode with @Dhruv Rathee | Netflix India

In this episode of Decode With Dhruv, we analyse the cult classic – Gangs of Wasseypur. Both a cult classic and also a commercially successful film, Gangs of Wasseypur is considered to be the starting point for a lot of new age gangster films. So what did it take to make this classic? We try and find out while speaking with Sneha Khanwalkar, the film’s music director and Zeishan Quadri, the film’s writer and one of its breakout stars.

00:00 A great villain
00:40 A modern cult classic
01:07 Defining a cult film
02:41 The Anurag Kashyap genre
03:01 Zeishan’s journey
03:44 Meeting Anurag Kashyap
04:09 Stories of Sultana Daku
04:28 Interview with Zeishan Quadri
07:33 The authenticity of the music
08:12 Interview with Sneha Khanwalkar
11:08 Casting on the go
11:50 Nawazuddin’s dream role
12:40 A movie with no stars
13:06 Editing the film
13:40 Impact on cinema

Decode with Dhruv:
Created and Produced by: All Things Small
Producer: Devaiah Bopanna
Writer: Mohammad Hussain
Executive Producer & Director: Rigved Siriah
Design: Mihir Lele
Graphics and Animation: Mihir Lele & Kshitij Verma
Title Track: Mehar Chumble & Sharukh Makani
Associate Producer: Eeshita Chinmulgund
Researcher: Poorna Swami
Creative Producer: Deloret Imnidian

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