Kennington Bioscope livestream #6 – filmmaking and filmgoing

Kennington Bioscope KBTV livestream #6, July 8th 2020. Silent shorts celebrating filmmaking and filmgoing, from the EYE Filmmuseum, including items from their Jean Desmet collection, plus our *first* Pathescope 9.5mm showing online, a print of ‘Four Square Steve’, with an early role for Fay Wray, from the collection of Christopher Bird. Show hosted by Michelle Facey, with piano performances from Cyrus Gabrysch, Colin Sell and John Sweeney. Film preparation and chatbox with Tod Higginson. Apologies for the video freezing briefly at points during the introductions, it was our Skype connection, no need to ‘adjust your set’!

Our programme tonight:
00:00 [holding card, skip this]
05:26 introductions by Michelle Facey
14:21 Une promenade dans Los Angeles (1912)
a scenic look around L.A., prior to Hollywood becoming the de facto world centre of the movie industry. Live piano by John Sweeney.
20:25 Arthème opérateur (1913)
French short featuring projection booth shenanigans. Score pre-recorded yesterday by Colin Sell.
28:29 Photoplay Magazine Screen Supplement (1919)
the first episode of a series of reportages about movie stars and film studios. We’ll meet Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Miles Minter, John Emerson and Anita Loos, among others. Live piano by John Sweeney.
38:39 The Picture Idol (1912)
Vitagraph comedy in which a girl falls for a Vitagraph star! Score pre-recorded yesterday by Colin Sell.
53:03 introduction by Michelle Facey
1:10:44 Four Square Steve (1926)
Universal Mustang western, directed by Ernst Laemmle, starring Edmund Cobb and an uncredited Fay Wray. Live piano by Cyrus Gabrysch.
1:24:16 outro from Michelle Facey.

Huge thanks are due as always to EYE Filmmuseum and curator of silent film Elif Rongen-Kaynakçi, for giving us permission to use items from their library, including films from their Jean Desmet collection ( All their films for this show had pre-existing subtitles from EYE, and they are presented here with a few small tweaks.

Our friend Fritzi Kramer wrote about Four Square Steve in conjunction with Movies Silently and Christopher Bird collaborating on its scan and YouTube posting in 2017:
Chris has his own website, at:

Thanks too to Rob Sell, for recording Colin Sell’s scores for Arthème Opérateur and The Picture Idol!

Thanks as always to Kennington Bioscope committee and supporters for publicising the show, and The Cinema Museum, our London home, which we miss, during the ongoing Covid-19 closures.

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KBTV will return on July 22nd!

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