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Had so much fun today!! I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for your support!!

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Available on all amazon platforms: Paper Back version:

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*Netherlands paperback version is available via Amazon.de
Website: amazon.com/author/jeanoneliblaise
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My name is Jean Oneli Blaise,

I have written a book by the name of Kushobi published by #Amazon. This book serves as an educational-comic, that captures the captivating #history, science, folklore of indigenous and African disciplines researched via educational documents. In synthesis, I want to help students/people to learn about their #Africanheritage and local/regional #indigenous culture/history, employing #visualarts. Namely, I intend to entertain and inspire the youth to utilize their creativity for #cognitivedevelopment.

The reason that I am reaching out to you today is because of your platform it highlights and brings awareness about Black people and you teach/uplift the community via education.
Today, I would like to ask kindly for a meeting on how we can collaborate and find common ground to provide your fans and my community, the potential for cognitive development/edutainment with a creative chronicle, written by a young Afro-Caribbean Author

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