Kyle Davis, Principal Dancer with Pacific Northwest Ballet. Professional/advanced ballet class

Kyle Davis, Principal Dancer with Pacific Northwest Ballet, and David Morse at the Piano bring us another amazing Professional/advanced ballet class for you to follow from home. Are you up for the challenge?

Now you can take an online one-on-one ballet class with Kyle Davis. Head over to and book your private ballet class at

—————— About Word Wide Ballet Class ——————

🌐This ballet class is part of the Worldwide Ballet Class WWBC initiative, sponsored by Zarely (, that every day since the pandemic outbreak, brings together dancers from all over the world to share their experience and knowledge and improve their dance skills.

🩰 Every WWBC online ballet class is instructed by one of the top ballet dancers and coaches from all over the world. Access more than 250 classes here

🎹 Many of our online ballet classes are accompanied by live piano music from geniuses such as David Morse, Ella Belilovskaya, Cameron Thomas, and Remina Tanaka.

πŸ“… Check out today’s live online ballet classes at

πŸ™ Are you enjoying the classes so far? Help WWBC with a contribution to their Gofundme campaign at so that they can keep sharing their craft to all of us.

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