Living in Washington, D.C. on $28K | 6 Tips on How to Afford City Living on a Budget

Here’s how to live in Washington D.C. on a budget. I’ll provide the 6 tips that helped me survive on less than $30K in Washington, DC. These financial tips cover everything, from Housing options to living off FREE STUFF – like breakfast, lunches & dinners. So pay close attention because you’ll learn how to not only survive, but thrive in one of the most expensive cities in the United States!

As a former Congressional staffer, my starting salary was $28K (before taxes). Since DC is an expensive city, and the salary did not reflect the cost of living, I hustled my first couple years. I want to emphasize that even with a low salary, you can still thrive in DC, you just have to be smart about what your financial priorities are. Would you rather have a ‘luxury apartment’ or have extra money to build savings and have experiences like go out with friends.

For me, I chose the latter. It is important to me to live a quality life. I did not, I repeat, DID NOT live a cheap life sacrificing fun. Instead I found ways to be financially savvy and lived my BEST DC life. Now I’ll share 6 tips on how you can afford living in DC!

00:00 Intro
00:57 Quick overview on my DC life
02:12 Tip #1: Set a Budget & My DC Budget
04:43 Tip #2: Find Inexpensive, Livable Housing in DC & Where I Lived
08:81 How to Find Inexpensive, Livable Housing in DC
09:36 Tip #3: Meal Prep & My Food Recommendations
11:09 Tip #4: Take Advantage of Happy Hours
11:35 Tip #5: Get a Side Hustle & What I Side Job I did in DC
12:24 Tip #6: Get on the Reception List & Why Receptions Are Good for Meals & Career

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