Market Your Art As You Grow! How To Market Art

One thing that seems to be a common challenge for most artists is how to market their art.

The best thing you can do to market yourself and your artwork is to document your processes as you do your work. Put your work out there and use organic reach to get your artwork in front of the eyes of others.

Use the tools we have available to us to get your name and work out there.

There are a variety of options and ways to go about doing this.

0:00 Intro
0:43 Art Marketing Podcasts
1:11 “Document Don’t Create”
1:56 Target Search Terms
2:23 What is Marketing?
2:45 Using Organic Reach
3:17 Platforms With Organic Reach
3:59 Build An Audience to Push To
4:40 Galleries, When It Comes Time…
5:06 The Future of Marketing Art Is Digital

For more information and resources on how to make, market, and monetize art check out my website!


Fly With Me
Anthony Lazaro

SFX from Zapsplat

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