Next Step: Inside/Out 2020

This year’s Next Step: Inside/Out performances are going online!

Next Step: Inside/Out is a collaboration between the dancers of PNB and the Professional Division students during quarantine. In non-pandemic years, Next Step features a free dance festival outside McCaw Hall and brand new works from PNB dancers inside the Hall. Special thanks to Eva Stone and Christopher D’Ariano for coordinating these virtual performances.

“Clean Phrases” was choreographed by PNB Dancer Kyle Davis, and features performances by Kendall Baker, Alexa Baksay, Sophia Barakett, Cassidy Cocke, Mackenzie Kirk, and Mia Nolte. Film Editing by Sarah-Gabrielle Ryan.

“Before You Know It” was choreographed by PNB Dancer Sarah-Gabrielle Ryan, to music by Alexander Grimes. It features performances by Claire Curran, Julia Heiss, Sarah Hurty, Ashton Edwards, and Kyra Piper (in order of appearance).

“Someday” was choreographed by PNB Dancer Abby Jayne DeAngelo, to music by Joe DeAngelo and Kat DeAngelo. It features performances by Malena Ani, Olivia Cornelius, Melisa Guilliams, Kate Inoue, Kaelynn Lefferts, and Christina Williams.

“What Do You Wanna Say?” was choreographed by PNB Dancer Amanda Morgan, and features performances by Lara Bircak, Noah Martzall, and Elaine Rand.

“A Shel Game” was choreographed and created by PNB dancer Leah Terada. It features three poems from “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein: “Rain,” “Hector The Collector,” and “Forgotten Language.” All poems and audio belong to Shel Silverstein. Performances by Margarita Armas and Ava Moses.

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