No Black Man Is HATING On No Black Woman For Swirling?!? Black Woman You Are PERFECT The Way You Are

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Are you tired of arguing with your man/woman? It’s very difficult to be mature adults when the effects of Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder are evident within every encounter we have wih other. Let’s say for example, she makes 50K but she thinks he needs to make 500K. That’s a good argument, from the Black woman’s point of view. But he feels, “I don’t want to be a slave to her and my job” because “the price is too high for modern women”. We have to admit, this is a good argument from the Black man’s point of view. Who’s right and how do we figure it out? Who gives better advice to modern women? Other modern women or modern men? Are modern women even “housewife” worthy in 2021? If we were to ask the modern woman they’d most likely say yes because, “These men ain’t on my level”. Are modern women ready for the reality that this back and forth is what we have to deal with in our modern relationships? Whether they are ready or not, we ALL must realize, high value double standards exist. That said, Black men and women have to deal with each other whether they like it or not. In this video, Gypsie gives a secret method HOW TO stop these arguments in their tracks. It takes self-restraint on the part of both individuals!
Does colorism REALLY effect the BLACK QUEEN and whether or not a Black man will date or marry a Black woman in 2021? With all the BLACK FEMININITY talk going around the Black community, we felt it was a relevant topic to vlog on. Whether it’s “trending” or not. That said, this video is made for any perfect, beautiful, independent black woman who don’t need no man! In all reality, my black Queens, this is the real, secret reason why Black men don’t want to marry black women in 2021. Are you ready for the big reveal? Well, we answered this question in a previous video on this channel and got a less than positive response from strong black women. One of the watchers sighted “colorism” as the real reason black men and women do not marry as much as the other races. Gypsie gives a video response to this masculine feminine black woman energy. Comment and discuss what you think about this topic and the colorism topic. Feel free to discuss the term PTSD (Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder) . We’ll be covering this health and wellness topic!

No Black Man Is HATING On No Black Woman For Swirling?!? Black Woman You Are PERFECT The Way You Are

Women ARE The 1st Teachers Of Culture: Black Women You Are PERFECT The Way You Are Series

Tips on being a more feminine black woman are all the rage in 2021 but the shift from being considered a masculine female to presenting yourself as a catch to high-earning men, can be a daunting one. Feminine energy has alluded the African American woman for the last 40 years at least.

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