Online Event: Civics as a National Security Imperative: The Role of Technology

As part of its Strategic Dialogue on Civic Education as a National Security Imperative, CSIS invites you to a conversation about ways technology impacts, positively and negatively, societal resilience and the strength of our democracy. Recent events highlight the danger of the spread of disinformation and the impact it can have on a misinformed public. Can technology also help revitalize the civic knowledge and engagement necessary to counter these threats and sustain our republic?

This event will feature a fireside chat between Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, and Suzanne Spaulding, CSIS Director of the Defending Democratic Institutions Project. This session will be followed by an expert panel featuring Lauren Bean Buitta (Founder, Girl Security), Nina Jankowicz (Disinformation Fellow, Wilson Center), and Camille Stewart (Head of Security Policy, Google Play and Android), that will further discuss the role of technology and civic education.

This series is made possible by Craig Newmark Philanthropies.

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