Paint like Morris Louis – Positive and negative space in art

Morris Louis is an American painter linked to the Washington Color School, making Color field Paintings. I learn to appreciate his art by painting like Morris Louis art. It is interesting to see how he works with the negative space in art, or actually, the positive and negative space in art. Morris Louis painting is mostly done in series: the Unfurled, Veil, Stripes and other series. His Post painterly abstraction paintings are made to be painting without a reference to the real world, by just working with the elements of art like line, color and space. His art looks like art without meaning, but is actually abstract art with meaning, you have to learn to read them. Space is a essential part in the paintings and tension in art is visible between the lines, lines reacting on each other and by the influence of open space.

The video about the artwork on the wall behind me:
More background information about Morris Louis:

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Winsor & Newton Galeria acrylics:
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– 500ml pots:
White gesso:
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Acrylic medium gloss:
Squeeze bottles 8 oz:
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Floater frame for canvas:
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Basic masking tape:
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Metal ruler 36”:
Colorful Happy Socks:

And of course households items you probably have available already like a permanent marker, scrub sponge, scissors, erasers, pencil sharpener, glue stick, Stanley snap-off knife, stapler or wood glue.

Atemübungen by Sascha Ende

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