PBS Books Presents: A Celebration of African American Life & History: Trailblazer Dr. Mae Jemison

Thank you for joining us for this conversation with the first African American woman to travel into space when she served as a mission specialist aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour!

This event launches the release of the second edition of the book, Find Where the Wind Goes, a children’s book about her life. With engaging humor, confidence, warmth and sense of wonder, Dr. Mae shares personal accounts of moments from her life that led from grow ing up on the Southside of Chicago not only to become an engineer, physician and astronaut, but also to work in rural East Africa, choreograph dance productions, appear on StarTrek and lead the 100 Year Starship initiative. Along the way, Dr. Mae discovered that becoming who she is intended could be as tricky as “Finding Where the Wind Goes.”

This 2nd Edition of the book expands upon the variety and richness of Dr. Mae Jemison’s experiences and will inspire young adults and every reader who picks it up.

Remember to invite your friends, family and colleagues to the 2021 ASALH Black History Month Festival events happening all February. Several events are free and open to the public on ASALH TV, the association’s premier YouTube channel!

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