Reinstalled: Do Ho Suh’s “Some/One” at the Asian Art Museum

Now that the Asian Art Museum has expanded, we can fit this monumental sculpture by Do Ho Suh inside the galleries! “Some/One” is now on view as part of “Be/longing: Contemporary Asian Art,” the first special exhibition in the reimagined, reimagined, and reopen Asian Art Musem.

“Some/One,” 2001, represents artist Do Ho Suh’s interest in individual and collective identity. A minimalist sculpture, Do Ho Suh explores how art transforms public and private spaces through a painstaking amount of intricate detail that is not always apparent at first sight but is an integral part of the artwork. “Some/One,” as the title of the work indicates, juxtaposes the collective—represented by a larger-than-life armor sculpture—and the individual, consisting of life-size shiny-metal dog tags, each unique and representing a single soldier. This allegory is carried forward by contrasting the hard, insensitive character of armor with the delicate aspect of the dog tags, which are made up of thin sheets of metal and embody the poetic symbolism of fallen warriors.

Vast, vibrant, and rapidly changing, Asia is a fertile ground for contemporary artists. The 12 artists in in this exhibition were born in different parts of Asia: Azerbaijan, Iran, India, Thailand, China, Korea, and Japan. All of the artists have worked or are still working outside Asia—their experiences as both insiders and outsiders inspire artworks that are at once Asian and global while addressing identity and belonging.

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