Richard Tinkler at 56 HENRY Alexis Ralaivao at ATM NYC Shari Mendelson at TIBOR de NAGY

James Kalm in the run up to the 2020 election, is out scurrying around the Lower East Side in search of cultural manifestations. While pedaling across Henry Street, he spies a couple of new galleries he hasn’t noticed before and pulls out his camera. “Seven Paintings” is a small selection of works by Richard Tinkler at 56 Henry. This suite is a playful exploration of a basic compositional format. Tinkler starts with a central star form, and lets the pieces develop in their own diverse directions. Next door, Alexis Ralaivao presents a series of figurative paintings, some cropped to the point of abstraction, some straight portraits, in a feather naturalistic style that melds ultra-contemporary sitters with traditional art historic references. Finally, we snag Shari Mendelson with her debut show at the Tibor de Nagy gallery titled “Animals, Idols, and Us”. This is a group of sculptures fabricated from Mendelson’s trademark material, recycled plastic bottles. These pieces meld styles and periods recalling delicate ancient glass work or ceramic. A musical introduction is provided by “Guitar Andy”. This program was recorded October 25, and November 3, 2020. #jameskalmreport #jameskalmroughcut #lorenmunk

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