Roadmap Home 2030: Affordable Housing Solutions for California

This month, Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration reported a quarter of a million Californians experiencing homelessness requested help in 2020—numbers that skyrocketed from previous estimates in some Bay Area counties. The Golden State is lauded for its job opportunities and diverse population, but it’s also the state with some of the highest housing and transportation costs in the nation. Now, Californians are demanding change, and a cross-sectional group of affordable housing and homelessness advocates created Roadmap Home 2030, a definitive plan to end homelessness and create affordable homes for all over the next 10 years.

Housing California, the California Housing Partnership, and dozens of experts and advocates identified 57 policy solutions to create affordable homes, protect low-income renters, end homelessness and ensure racial equity. With their detailed plan of creative solutions, coupled with dedicated leadership, this ambitious group believes a better California is doable. The wealth gap and a shortage of affordable homes in the state prohibits Californians from building healthy and fulfilling lives. With considerable energy and influence, this coalition of housing advocates are seeking to make bold, structural change to create an equitable future where everyone has a safe place to live.

Join our expert panel for a conversation about equity, change and the fight to dramatically shift the landscape on affordable housing and homelessness in the Golden State.

About the Speakers

Ruby Bolaria-Shifrin is director of housing affordability for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI). As part of CZI’s commitment to ensuring access to safe, stable and affordable housing, she works with community leaders, advocates, researchers, policymakers and investors to help more people find housing that meets their needs.

As one of San Francisco’s voices in Sacramento, Assemblymember David Chiu is an outspoken advocate for housing reform and equity. He currently chairs the California State Assembly’s Committee on Housing and Community Development.

With more than 20 years of leadership and work in the field, Tomiquia Moss brings expertise in the issues of housing, public policy and community development. She is the founder and chief executive of All Home, a Bay Area-focused nonprofit. Prior to All Home, Tomiquia served as chief of staff for Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and as executive director for the HOPE SF initiative under the late San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

Tunua Thrash-Ntuk, Executive Director, Los Angeles Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LA LISC)


TUE, APR 27 / 3:00 PM PDT

Ruby Bolaria-Shifrin
Director of Housing Affordability, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

David Chiu
California State Assemblymember, 17th District

Zella Knight
Resident Leader, Residents United Network

Tomiquia Moss
Founder and Chief Executive, All Home

Molly Solomon
Reporter for Housing Affordability, KQED Public Media—Moderator

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