Seattle BLM DEMAND White People Give Up Homes During Protest

Black Lives Matter wants your house? Protesters in Seattle BLM demand White people give up their homes during a protest.

A lonely man reacts to Black Lives Matter in Seattle protesters who marched through a residential neighborhood demanding that White people give up their homes which they live in due to gentrification. Seattle BLM demands sound a little crazy doesn’t it?

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A crowd of dozens Seattle BLM people chanting “Black lives matter” before a person of color demands white people give up their homes to Black people! A woman of color also wants white people to give up their gentrified Seattle homes. Seattle BLM wants you to give up your house; are you? Should Black Lives Matter Seattle demand white people give up their homes? Pretty crazy how BLM Seattle demands white people move out of neighborhood and give homes to black people, but I have seen crazier things in 2020 America. Let me know your Seattle BLM reaction in the comments below!

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