Seattle BLM protesters demand white people ‘give up their homes’

A group of protesters in Seattle marched through a residential neighborhood this week demanding that white residents give up their homes, dramatic video shows. Footage of the Wednesday demonstration posted to Twitter shows a crowd of dozens chanting “Black lives matter” before an unidentified man projects his ire toward nearby white residents — saying they are living in a historically black section of the city as another woman in the crowd yells that they should “give up their homes, ” the clip shows.“Do you know that before your white ass came here, this was all black people? ” the man says. “Do you know people like you came in here and basically bought all the land from the black people for less than what it was worth, kicked them out so you could live here? Do you know that? ”The man continues: “’Cause if you don’t, now you f–king do — now do something about it! ”Another woman in the crowd then urges the residents to “open their wallet” as the man continues to yell at the unidentified residents off-camera.“So how do you plan to fix it? ” the man continues. “As a gentrifier, because you are part of that problem. ”A woman with a megaphone then urges the residents to “give up” their house, the footage shows.“Give black people back their homes! ” she yells. “You’re sitting there comfortably — comfortable as f—k as if they didn’t help gentrify this neighborhood! I used to live in this neighborhood, and my family was pushed out, and you’re sitting up there having a good time with your other white friends! ”A second clip purportedly shows BLM demonstrators and Antifa members calling for white people to “get the f–k out” as others in the crowd call for reparations.“Give us our s–t back! ” one man yells. Seattle’s police chief, Carmen Best, stepped down this week as the city council approved cutting the department by as many as 100 cops through layoffs and attrition. The city currently has some 1, 400 officers and the reduction fell short of the 50 percent cut that many Black Lives Matter protesters had sought. The city’s mayor, Jenny Durkan, is also facing a legal battle to get her kicked out of office for her role in Seattle’s violent protests, which started in June when demonstrators took over its Capitol Hill district and later renamed it the Capitol Hill Occupation Protest.

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