Seattle Sticker Patrol: Thank You for Not Driving


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by Jasmyne Keimig



“Thank You for Not Driving”
I had no choice.

I have no choice. JK

This gives me a chance to show you nerds one of my favorite memes. It is very useful to send to friends who do have cars.

“Reject Degeneracy”
If you dont return your cart, a hex on your home.

If you don’t return your cart, a hex on your home. JK

Ok, another one of my favorite memes. I had this as one of my pictures on my Tinder profile and no one messaged me about it? There’s a lot to discuss, imo.

“Drink Warm Beer”
Respectfully, no.

Respectfully, no. JK

I love all my drinks ice cold. Thanks, Warm Beer.

“Fuck KOMO 4 News”
Spotted on Capitol Hill.

Spotted on Capitol Hill. JK

They said it, not me.

“All My Pleasure…”
I almost failed AP Chem so I had to look this up.

I almost failed AP Chem so I had to look this up. JK

Spoiler alert: it’s dopamine. (Please, correct me if I’m wrong in the comments. I hated chemistry. Sorry, Mr. Miller, you were cool.)

“Stay Asleep”
I would like to.

I would like to. JK

Very much my vibe this morning.

“There Are No Queer Friendly Cops”
A bit bent, but important.

A bit bent, but important. JK

Happy Pride!

“Queer Liberation, Not Rainbow Capitalism”
An important follow up.

An important follow-up. JK

Yes, but I will admit that I caved and bought the Pride rainbow platform Tevas. Yes, I regret nothing.

“One World”
Get it?

Get it? JK

One like = one kiss.

Very painterly.

Very painterly. JK

Love the quality of this one. I would frame it.

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at

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