Seattle’s Black Community: History, Media, Vaccines & more – Omari Salisbury on Close to Home Ep.24

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3:07 – “2021 Virtual Events Trailer (and Thanks for 2020) 💞” courtesy:
5:45 – Program intro & resources
13:10 – Partner update: SPL (Nancy Slote,
20:11 – Vaccinations and other COVID-19 resources
23:17 – Help wanted! Apply to join Age Friendly team 😊
27:23 – Presentation: Converge Media (Omari Salisbury,
37:19 – Q&A no. 1: “How do we suggest a guest/topic for Close to Home”?
42:04 – Q&A no. 2: “Is there vaccine hesitancy in the Black community?”
45:36 – Q&A no. 3: “Does Converge engage in non-COVID related health discussions?”
49:14 – Q&A no. 4: “How can White people support Black Lives Matter movement?”
59:43 – Q&A no. 5: “Will Converge help spread the word about openings on the Mayor’s Council on African American Elders (”?
1:01:50 – Q&A no. 6: “How does Converge engage with the African immigrant communities across generations?”
1:03:36 – Thanks & upcoming events (Lenny Orlov,

Meet Omari Salisbury, co-founder of Converge Media – Central Area independent media company bringing voices and perspectives of Seattle’s African American community.

Community Living Connections network: | 1-844-348-5464
Northwest African American Museum: | 206.518.6000
Rainier Avenue Radio:
Seattle Public Utilities: | 206-684-3000
The Seattle Public Library‘s “Ask Us”: | 206-386-4636
Washington Listens: | 1-833-681-0211
WA State Coronavirus Response (COVID-19): | 1-800-525-0127

The Seattle Public Library:
City of Seattle Human Services Department:
Aging and Disability Services:
Age Friendly Seattle:

Produced, hosted and edited by: Lenny Orlov
Live show moderators: Justin Englund, Michael Taylor-Judd

Video (used with permission):
“2021 Virtual Events Trailer (and Thanks for 2020) 💞” – Age Friendly Seattle virtual events are on the first and third Thursday of every month** at 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time. The original video ( was produced by Aging King County.

Music (used with permission):
ODESZA, A Moment Apart, “Show Me.”

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