Shelter Fest Seattle: Black Stax

Black Stax’s sound is like Miles Davis, Etta James and Langston Hughes adapted for savvy, hip-hop and neo-soul listeners. By any standard, their music is not ordinary and nothing is dumbed-down or gimmicky. It is smart music; every word carefully chosen and every song carries a message of social justice and community upliftment. Fans appreciate their eclectic, urban sound laced with jazz and 70s-era soul, which provides life’s soundtrack to the sophisticated connoisseur. A collaboration that works, Black Stax successfully blends and bends the musical genres of blues, jazz, R&B, and hip-hop.

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Shelter Fest Seattle is an online benefit music festival providing direct support to Black artists and restaurant owners in the greater Seattle area. While COVID-19 and the statewide shelter-in-place mandate disproportionately impact the arts and food service industries, Black artists and restaurant owners are some of the hardest hit. With the lack of support from the government, we believe that mutual aid and joint community efforts are some of the most critical ways we can show up for our community.

Shelter Fest Seattle exists to amplify Black voices in our community and beyond while highlighting individuals and organizations who have been doing this work long before the current moment.

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Produced by Bad Habit Media

Director: Lorenzo Rossi
Associate Producer: Caitlyn Davis
Cinematographer: Mo Herbert
Recording Engineer: Cosmo Rossi
Editor: Mo Herbert
Colorist: Mo Herbert
Dialogue Editors: Brian Sloss, Jesse Humes, Cosmo Rossi, Lorenzo Rossi
Sound Designer: Lorenzo Rossi
Re-recording Mixer: Cosmo Rossi
Illustrator: Stevie Shao

Motion Graphics by COLOR Creative

Senior Motion Designer: Grace Galarosa
Senior Designer: Blake Kilker

This project was supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture


Allied Arts Foundation
COLOR Creative


Mira Kraft PR
UW Comm Lead Consulting
Avast Recording Co
In The Shed
Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
Sub Pop
Converge Media
South Seattle Emerald
Totem Star

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