Small-Business Lending after the Paycheck Protection Program: What’s Next?

Join the Urban Institute for a virtual event exploring how policymakers and lenders can best support small businesses after expiration of the Paycheck Protection Program. The program was a lifeline for many small businesses and lenders but has expired, further congressional action is unclear, and the economy is not yet recovered. What will future demand for and supply of loan capital look like? And how can policymakers most productively engage, especially on behalf of businesses historically excluded from credit? During this event, speakers will discuss these questions, the current and upcoming states of small-business lending, and the needs of and potential solutions for the sector.

-Janie Barrera, Founding President and Chief Executive Officer, Liftfund
-Christopher Hollins, Managing Director, GM Cash Management, Chase Business Banking, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
-Jason Tepperman, Managing Director, Promontory Local Credit
-Brett Theodos, Senior Fellow and Director of the Community Economic Development Hub, Urban Institute (moderator)

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