Smart Sustainability 🔊 Tackling Systemic Inequities Through Redesign of the US Housing Market

Over 3.2 million owner-occupied homes in metropolitan Black-majority neighborhoods across the US have been collectively devalued by $156 billion. Devaluation is a systemic issue and it costs African American families, communities — and our entire society — dearly.
Time to address this issue, take a deep look at the root causes and face facts: Many of our current systems have been put in place at a time when US society was segregated. Owning your own home is at the core of the American Dream, and hence constitutes the center of systemic imbalances. Housing affects education, health, generational wealth generation and how we create wealth as a society. — How can we re-architect the housing market, so it works for all?

Nicolette Devidar discussed this issue with Dr. Andre Perry from #The Brookings Institution; he is author of “Know your price: Valuing Black Lives and Property in America’s Black Cities”; Stuart Yasgur from Ashoka; Adreanecia Morris from Housing NOLA , a public-private partnership in New Orleans, and Bree Jones from Parity Homes, an equitable development company that rehabilitates abandoned properties by the block to create #affordable housing as a response to #gentrification and #displacement.

A wealth of information that shows the deep inter-connections and systemic issues between appraisals, lending, data transparency, perception, bias, policies and outdated systems and what innovators are doing to shake up the market … and get to the core of the systemic inequity.


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Smart Sustainability with Nicolette DeVidar is a weekly television show, broadcasted every Sunday LIVE from Tyson’s Corner, the 12th largest business district in the US and vital part of Metropolitan Washington DC. A TV Talk on shaping a sustainable future in the digital/new human age presents and discusses what empowered citizens need to know about the on-going change, intelligent use of resources, smart governance, smart industry, inclusive communities, human empowerment, a sustainable and human-centered economy and healthy, sustainable urbanization. Candid heart-to-heart discussions with people from all walks of life — community leaders, creative innovators, everyday heroes, subject matter experts, and free thinkers on 21st-century issues push boundaries and address challenges of our time from a social, political, economic, and human perspective. In Smart Sustainability, often avoided “big elephants” in the room are talked about.

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