The Black Reconstruction Collective | Black Futures

MIT Architecture | Fall 2020 Lecture Series

This livestream event will feature members of the 10-person Black Reconstruction Collective responding to the question: What is the architecture of Black futures? Audience participation will be invited in real-time across multiple platforms.


Amanda Williams
Media/Supplies: blank 8.5×11 sketch pad/paper, pencils, pens, sign pen, charcoal, ink

Yolande Daniels
Title: Traces and Flows
Media: Google Slides + Google Search engine

V. Mitch McEwen w/ Olalekan Jeyifous & surprise guest
Title: Future Figures
Media/Supplies: Monocolor cloth or paintable surface, Adobe photoshop, Zoom

Germane Barnes
Title: Add More Seasoning
Media: Live in Zoom

The Black Reconstruction Collective is Emanuel Admassu, Germane Barnes, Sekou Cooke, J. Yolande Daniels, Felecia Davis, Mario Gooden, Walter Hood, Olalekan Jeyifous, V. Mitch McEwen, and Amanda Williams

The Black Reconstruction Collective (BRC) provides funding, design, and intellectual support to the ongoing and incomplete project of emancipation for the African Diaspora. The BRC is committed to multi-scalar and multi-disciplinary work dedicated to dismantling systemic white supremacy and hegemonic whiteness within art, design, and academia. Founded by a group of Black architects, artists, designers, and scholars, the BRC aims to amplify knowledge production and spatial practices by individuals and organizations that further the reconstruction project.

The BRC engages the public through an annual process of reviewing proposals and providing critical and financial support to projects that have been selected by the committee. This work will manifest in built commissions, research funding, exhibitions, events, and publications, that will collectively imagine transformations to the built environment in the Black Radical Tradition.

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