The Closets- Polly (live)

‘Polly‘ live at WC Social Club, West Chicago

No band sounds the same live, and The Closets intensify once the doors are open to take the stage. December’s children will be treated to an Amalgamation of tracks recorded at Hammond’s own Paul Henry’s Art Gallery (PHAG) on ‘PHAG: a live AMALGAMATION’. Showcasing tracks from the same that transport you to the floorboards, front row, center. Take a peek into the future of this band and the Region’s sound. OUT DIGITALLY NOW
Amalgamation, the first full-length album from The Closets, is an 18-track testament to struggling with self-doubt, orientation, and identity, in the midst of fits of infatuation, experimentation, self-sabotage, and reflection, only coming to realize that you’re just an meandering “amalgamation”. This compelling addition to Alternative music, at times anti-folk, experimental rock, and uniquely Chicago Lo-Fi, is the anthem of the outsider seeking a place in a world with both too many labels, and not enough definition.
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