The History of Alice in Wonderland – and ‘Curiouser & Curiouser’ (art/literature ASMR/relaxation)

This soft spoken art/literature ASMR podcast explores ‘Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll – and looks specifically at the history of the book through the art it has inspired, over the past 150+ years. Together, we’ll discover the circumstances that led Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) to create his fantastical story – and we’ll see how his own, original illustrations for it were replaced by the now-famous Alice drawings by the artist John Tenniel. We’ll mention a few of the other fine artists and illustrators who have been drawn to Alice over the years, and we’ll discover the way in which the story has migrated to other creative mediums – including film, theatre and ballet.

In the second half of the talk, I’ll also take you on a journey into a wonderful new exhibition that has recently opened (as of recording, in June 2021) at the Victoria & Albert Museum, in London. This fabulous art show also examines the story of Alice through the lens of creativity – and so I’ll be reviewing it for those of you who haven’t been able to see the exhibition for yourselves… or who have, and simply want to revisit the experience!

You can find out more about the Curiouser & Curiouser exhibition at the V&A Museum (running until the end of December 2021) at:

You can also buy a book that accompanies the exhibition:

#SoundsCurious is a YouTube channel dedicated to audio adventures. It’s the audio little sister of the theatre company Cabinets of Curiosity, which is dedicated to storytelling and performance that Captivates the Heart, Fascinates the Mind, and Stimulates the Imagination. In addition to creating original audio performances, Sounds Curious also produces a range of free, cultural talks – that are specifically aimed at providing listeners/viewers with a deeply relaxing experience to aid sleep, overcome insomnia and help with relaxation and refreshment. They may also trigger an ASMR tingling sensation in the small percentage of people who experience ASMR. Balancing soft and calming vocals with informative content, the topics for these video talks tend to be based around history, culture, literature, the fine and decorative arts… and whatever else takes my fancy! To support the channel, please subscribe – and don’t forget to say hello on social…

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Please note: all the images used in the slideshow for this talk are either photographs that are in the Public Domain (and are reproduced with their relevant credits, where necessary), or are images taken from (and credited to) the Curiouser & Curiouser exhibition at the V&A Museum – and I have express permission from the V&A Press Office to reproduce them.

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